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West African traditional dance performance from Asanti Dance Theatre
About Asanti Dance Theatre

A highly rhythmic and dynamic African drum and dance ensemble

With its roots in West Africa and its home in Melbourne, Asanti Dance Theatre strives to make sense of tribal tradition in a fast paced multi-culture of accelerated diversity. They perform with captivating power, precision and energy, presenting an unforgettable experience of West African music, dance, acrobatics and culture!! They are internationally recognised as leaders in traditional, modern and Afro-­contemporary dance choreography and performance, and are steadily making waves in the Australian dance scene. Their everlasting energy and cheeky sense of humour will dazzle adults and children alike. 

Asanti Dance Theatre was founded in 2002 by Artistic Director, Appiah Annan (Sidney Myer Creative fellow). The company was founded in Ghana as a way to promote ‘peace, tolerance and understanding through performance. Relocating to Australia in 2007, Annan’s creative vision changed with a new objective to stimulate interest in the exciting traditions of West African culture through dance. Using a combination of traditional performance practices of West Africa and contemporary Australian choreography, Annan looks to interpret a rich and unique culture through a fusion of modern discipline and raw rhythmic energy. 

Our team of professional African artists

We work with a team of professional African master drummers and dancers.
Asanti's Acrobat Yoga

Appiah Annan

Artistic Director of Asanti Dance Theatre was one of 12 annual fellowships awarded by the Myer Foundation to figures in the arts and humanities who show "outstanding talent and exceptional courage".

Ronald Mensah

Flexible, sharp and fluid, Yoga is an amazing acrobat with skills spanning from flipping through rings of fire to standing on one leg on top of a 5-man tower. Diverse in his skills he has had an extensive career to date and is continuing to push the boundaries of acrobatics in his role as lead acrobat with Asanti Dance Theatre.

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We specialise in West African school incursions, interactive performances, drumming and dance workshops, motivational team building and professional development. We also provide world-class entertainment for corporate functions, festivals and private and community events. Book a free chat!

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