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Interactive performance, African drumming and dance workshops in schools

Asanti Dance Theatre has worked with students of all ages and abilities from many destinations around the world. We play, teach, perform and entertain leaving students with a lasting impression and a new wealth of knowledge that remains long after the workshops end.

With years of experience teaching in Australian schools, we understand the importance of providing an engaging incursion that reflects each individual school's needs. Our talented artists ensure that our sessions provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for learning to take place and that our incursions are both fun and informative.

Drum, dance, sing and play with Asanti Dance Theatre at your next incursion!

Arts & Education

A Taste of Africa

Feel the rhythm of the drums, explore the raw energy of the dance and be captivated by culture in this well rounded, educational incursion program.

A Taste of Africa celebrates the power of diversity in our ever-changing multicultural society. It brings school communities together, challenges their ideas of the African culture and allows them to connect with the artists in a meaningful way.

African Drumming Workshop

Our drumming workshops introduce the basic skills and techniques of djembe drumming and move from learning simple rhythms to creating polyrhythmic and more complex patterns.

Our experienced African performers make the workshops fun, educational, supportive and inclusive, ensuring everyone is working together to bring the music to life.

These workshops are a fantastic way to bring your community together and are known for improving mental and physical well-being. 

African Dancing Workshop

Whether you have danced before or have 2 left feet you can be sure that Asanti Dance Theatre will have you moving and grooving in no time!

Join our experienced African facilitators as they guide you through a variety of dance movements and styles that draw on the traditional dance moves of West Africa.

Accompanied by live music, these workshops will leave you inspired, invigorated and with some new dance moves to try on the dance floor.

Styles offered include traditional African dance, Afro-contemporary, Afro–funk (hip hop), Afro-Aerobics and Gumboot dancing. 

African Drum & Dance Combo

Drum, dance, sing and play with Asanti Dance Theatre! Learn to play West African drums, share rhythms and move and groove to the beat of the drum. Classes are energetic, exciting and inspire creativity and expression.

We love sharing our culture with the students! 

Catholic Regional College
As part of Refugee Week, we had the privilege of hosting talented performers from Asanti Dance Theatre for an interactive and captivating lunchtime performance. It was an incredible experience that reminded us of the power of cultural diversity and the importance of embracing and celebrating our global community.
Mater Christi College - Belgrave
Thanks to Asanti Dance Theatre for such and engaging morning. The students thoroughly enjoyed their "A Taste of Africa" experience and will now be ready to create their own African Drums composition, as part of their Music curriculum.
Wangaratta West Primary School
Blown away at Wangaratta West PS today. You guys are incredibly talented and so beautiful with the kids. We appreciated your fascinating performance so so much...  thank you ever so kindly.
We specialise in West African school incursions, interactive performances, drumming and dance workshops, motivational team building and professional development. We also provide world-class entertainment for corporate functions, festivals and private and community events. Book a free chat!

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